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Nature's Willow Itch Relief Lotion

Nature's Willow Itch Relief Lotion

Bug bites, itchy weeds, sun damage and dry skin are just part of spending time outdoors. Sooth your skin with our itch relief lotion made from our powerful blend of natural ingredients white willow bark (the oldest recorded painkiller in human history), and packed with essential oils that relieve pain, itch and inflammation.


About this item:

- Plant-based, non-toxic, free from dyes, parabens, ammonia, hydrocortisone and artificial fragrances.

- Fast-acting, better-smelling & long-lasting: our hardworking formula gets to work right away to soothe and provide relief from minor skin irritations, hives, sunburns, bites, eczema, psoriasis neuropathy & more. Our soothing itch lotion absorbs quickly and has a light, pleasant scent.

-Made in the USA & Canada. 

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